The 2014 Aristry in Wood Show opens Sept 12th

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Saturday, April 5th

Speaker: Paul Discoe

Where: Joinery Structures is 2500 Kirkham St, Oakland, CA 94607

Paul Discoe is a designer and architect who works in the Japanese tradition. He is an ordained Zen priest, who lived in Japan for five years, working with builders of traditional wooden buildings. After his return, he worked on major buildings at Tassajara and Green Gulch, other traditional building projects around the world and sumptuous private homes created entirely in the immaculate Japanese tradition. He is the author of Zen Architecture: The Building Process as Practice. Paul promises us an overview of his career, plus a tour of the Joinery Structures facility with an emphasis on the furniture that he and his craftsmen create at Live Edge, one of Paul’s companies, where woods harvested from the ‘urban forest’ are used. Finally, he will discuss one of his latest projects, the Rikyu house, a green oriented Japanese home.

Directions: Carpooling is SUGGESTED!!!

The Petaluma Park and Ride is the ideal jumping off point. We will meet there at 9:30 am. Either you can drive with other who will join you in your car, or you can get a ride with someone else. Petaluma Park and Ride is on Lakeville H’wy south of Petaluma’s downtown: Get off of the Freeway, southbound at Exit 472 B. You will be facing an In-and-Out Burger across the street on Lakeville H’wy. Take a left and look left, and you’ll see the Park and Ride.