The SCWA welcomes beginning or experienced woodworkers and invites you to JOIN US and become part of our active organization.  You will enhance your woodworking education and enjoy all of our "members only" benefits.

June 6th meeting: Mark Knize, "Wood Sculpture / Wooden Production Items: Carved, Turned, Sawn - Painted, Dyed or Natural"

Mark plans to show photos of some of his work over the last 20 years ranging from carved figures to turned jewelery.  Bring your questions and prepare for a lively discussion!

Note: This will be at a new venue - 180 Studios - in Santa Rosa.

For full details see events page.

SCWA Artistry in Wood 2017 

The Artistry in Wood 2017 exhibit will run November 17th, 2017 through January 7th, 2018 at the Sonoma County Museum in Santa Rosa. Information about the displayed pieces and the awards from the 2016 show can be found in our Newsletter the Wood Forum starting with the October 2016 issue. 

Woodworking Internet Roundup

Wood Support Line with Nick Offerman:

Nick answers Woodworking questions from Twitter:

link to Youtube

Lamello Invis Mx2:

Very cool video showing "contact-free, magnet-driven connections".  Thanks to Joe Scannell.

Link: Lamello Invis Mx2 YouTube

More Mid-Century Modern:

The making of a mid-Century Modern Bookcase.  (Link)

Wiping Varnish Shootout:

Interesting comparison of several brands of wiping varnish tested by Marc Spagnuolo:

WoodWhisperer: Wiping Varnish Shootout

Thanks to Michael Wallace

Fun - Clocks & Keyboards:

Thanks to Philip Nereo who provided the following sites of interest!  Cool stuff.:

Joseph Walsh designs bespoke watch cabinet to mirror the intricasy of clockwork (link)

The "Board Essential" (link)

Headphone Stand:

For you "old school" audiophiles - How to Make a Headphone Stand (by The Garage Woodworker).

YouTube Link

If you would like to share woodworking links of interest.  Send your favorite links to woodworking books, videos, plans, websites to "" for future listing on SCWA Homepage (w/credit!).


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