Gossip Chairs by Joe Amaral 2013

Website: www.woodfinishservices.com

Contact: jamaral1@att.net

1.5 liter wine box, Kent Parker

Website: www.kpwoodenstone.com

Contact: kpwood54@gmail.com

Welcome to the Membership Gallery of the Sonoma County Woodworkers Association 

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Shoe Storage Bench by Larry Stroud, 2013

Website: LSDesigns

Contact: larryps@comcast.net  


Kitchen Table detail by Joseph Scannell, 2013


Contact: joejakey@comcast.net


Basket of Leaves by Scott Clark, 2013

Website: http://www.ispinwood.com/


Gold Fusion

Gold Fusion by David Marks, 2013

Website: http://www.djmarks.com/


Bubinga Curly Maple 

Bubinga Curly Maple Orion 3,  Don Naples

Website: www.theorionspeakers.com

Contact: (707) 473-0593

Petaluma Pecker Series - Green Pecker 1, D Ajello

Website: http://donajello.com


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