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SCWA quarterly meeting:  Specialty hand planes & Annual Meeting
When: Tuesday December 6th at 7:00 pm
Where: Two Rock School Of Woodworking, 1890 Middle Two Rock Road, Petaluma, CA 94952

Mark Tindley:
Using a hand plane is among the most satisfying acts of woodworking. There is a joy to hand planing that you just don't get from machinery. Most woodworkers have a few of the common hand planes - perhaps a block plane, smoothing plane or jack plane. But there are so many more specialty hand planes that too often find themselves in the hands of tool collectors rather than woodworkers. Most of them are less versatile that the common planes - but they frequently excel at the task for which they were designed. This talk will encourage you to liberate the specialty hand planes from their dusty corners or velvet cushions and get them onto your bench! We will be demonstrating the router plane, shoulder plane, plough plane, combination plane, mortise plane, rabbet plane, chisel plane....and more.


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 Internet Roundup

This wood sat in storage for 100 years. Now it’s being used to fix Capitol riot damage.

Thanks to Joe Scannell for sharing

Some amazing woodworking skill  

Thanks to Kalia Kliban for sharing.

Hand cut Japanese dovetail joints 

Thanks to Steve Greenberg for sharing.

Tozai Designs

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The Atomic Box

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Six Around One

Another really cool video submitted by Joe Scannell.   CLICK HERE

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