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SCWA quarterly meeting:  Specialty hand planes & Annual Meeting
When: Tuesday December 6th at 7:00 pm
Where: Two Rock School Of Woodworking, 1890 Middle Two Rock Road, Petaluma, CA 94952

Mark Tindley:
Using a hand plane is among the most satisfying acts of woodworking. There is a joy to hand planing that you just don't get from machinery. Most woodworkers have a few of the common hand planes - perhaps a block plane, smoothing plane or jack plane. But there are so many more specialty hand planes that too often find themselves in the hands of tool collectors rather than woodworkers. Most of them are less versatile that the common planes - but they frequently excel at the task for which they were designed. This talk will encourage you to liberate the specialty hand planes from their dusty corners or velvet cushions and get them onto your bench! We will be demonstrating the router plane, shoulder plane, plough plane, combination plane, mortise plane, rabbet plane, chisel plane....and more.


 =>> Call to Action:

The Board of Directors currently has one unfilled position, that of President. We strongly encourage members willing to fill the open position to contact any of the current Board members at the next meeting, or their contact information is below. It is vital to our future that members participate in and contribute to our association. The investment of time is minimal and the rewards enormous.


Secretary: Lars Andersen -

Show Chair: Don Jereb -

Program Chair: Dave Weber

Guild Chair: Mark Tindley -

Treasurer: Judith Garland -

Editor: Joe Scannell -

Webmaster: Rod Fraser -

Officer positions and responsibilities can be seen in the SCWA bylaws:

2022 Calendar


 Month & date
 Presenter and Venue
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January 4
 Cancelled due to COVID-19

February 8  Cancelled due to COVID-19 2022-2 SCWA newsletter sfs.pdf
March 8  Cancelled due to COVID-19
April 12 Out-of-Covid-Isolation get together: Member show and tell new projects.  2022-4 SCWA newsletter sfs.pdf
May 10 Cancelled due to COVID-19

June 7
Cancelled due to COVID-19

July 16 A basic steam bending demonstrations by Harvey Newman and Don Jereb.
Aug 2 Cancelled due to COVID-19

Sept 6 Cancelled due to COVID-19
October 4
2022-10 SCWA newsletter.pdf
November 8

December  6
Specialty hand planes presented by Mark Tindley
 2022-12 SCWA newsletter.pdf

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