Sonoma County Woodworkers Association 

Artistry in Wood 2023

Call For Entries

34th Annual Show at the Museum of Sonoma County 

November 18, 2023 through January 7, 2024


Care and Conservation

1. The Museum of Sonoma County, herein refer to as MSC, will endeavor to provide the same care and protection to borrowed objects as it does to objects in its own collection.

2. Evidence of damage at the time of receipt or while in MSC’s custody will be promptly reported to the Lender.

3. MSC will endeavor to maintain borrowed objects in the condition in which they are received.

4. The Lender certifies that objects lent are in good condition and able to withstand the ordinary strains of packing, shipping, and handling.

Transportation and Packing

1. Borrowed objects will be returned via the same method of shipment as they were sent unless other arrangements are agreed upon in writing.

2. The Lender will assure that said objects are adequately and securely packed for shipment, including any special instructions for unpacking and repacking. Objects will be returned packed in the same or similar materials as received unless otherwise authorized by the Lender.


1. Unless otherwise noted, MSC will provide insurance coverage excluding earthquake damage for objects while in

its care; unless the Lender expressly elects to maintain his or her own insurance coverage in writing, MSC will insure borrowed objects for their replacement value unless the Lender submits an independent professional appraisal of the objects.

2. The Lender agrees that in the event of loss or damage to its loan objects, recovery, if any, shall be limited to such amount as indicated in the Incoming Loan Agreement or at their fair market value at time of loss.

3. If the Lender elects to provide his or her own insurance, any failure of the Lender to provide the agreed upon insurance constitutes a complete release of MSC from any liability for damage to or loss of the objects placed on loan.

4. If insurance is waived by the Lender, this waiver constitutes a complete release of MSC from any liability arising from the loan.

5. If a valuation is not provided by the Lender the Lender shall agree to accept an insurance value set by MSC and that this value is not to be considered an appraisal.

6. In the case of Long Term Loans, the Lender is responsible for updating insurance valuations.

7. The Lender releases MSC, its officers, agents, and employees from liability for any and all claims arising out of loss or damage to borrowed objects.

Reproduction and Credit

1. Unless otherwise notified in writing by the Lender, MSC may photograph or reproduce by other conventional means, borrowed objects for educational, publication and/or publicity purposes.

2. It is understood by the Lender that MSC does not restrict the use of cameras by the general public in its exhibition areas.

3. At the Lender’s request, any or all use of the borrowed objects will be prominently credited as the property of the Lender.


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